At this time co-op is full. We are only excepting theater students.  We have started a waiting list for anyone interested in attending.


Mondays 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Preschool – 12th Grade



Fall 2015 Co-Op Schedule
Preschool K5-2nd Elementary Middle High
9:30-11 Preschool Room 6 P.E.  – Robin Gym Scrapbooking Art  – Nacy and Cindy Huckbee     Room 3 Trail Guide to U.S. Geography – Victoria Room 5 Literature – Shana and Cindy Howard Room 4
Speech – Lesa Room 8       (8th and up)
11-12 Nature Science with Lapbooks – Cindy Howard Room 3 Swimming Creatures – Laura Room 1 Sign Language 2 – Marsha and Melanie Room 8
Wildcraft and Herbalist Daveda and Cindy Huckabe Room 5
12-1 Lunch
1-2 Preschool People of History – Cindy Howard Room 3 Pray Praise & Play – Nacy & Cindy Huckabee Room 5  Focus on Middle Geology  – Laura Room 1 ACT Prep (Fall) – Jean Room 8 or Cave
Career Prep (Spring) – Lesa Room 8
2-3 Reading History and Art – Jennifer and Deloris Room 3 Road Trip USA Geography – Nacy and Cindy Huckabee Heroes of History – Victoria Room 8 Marine Biology – Amelia Room 1
3-4 Free Time Theater – Daveda/Teresa  Gym Younger children may be allowed in on an individual basis.

****Every parent is REQUIRED to sign up and work at minimum ONE class slot as a Main Teacher, Assistant Teacher or Nursery worker. If we need more assistants you may be required to work 2 class times***

Nursery is available for little ones, but require a parent or teen sibling only.  We do not need extra teens hanging out in nursery.

Required Book List: Some books can be found at your local public library.  Books can be purchased at and  Some books may be found used on or


$20 Copy and Supply fee

Alphabet, numbers, story time, hands on sensory skills


$10.00 Copy Fee per class for year


Scrapbooking – $12.50 supply fee

Apologia Swimming Animals – $28.99 at and $5.00 supply fee

Pray, Praise and Play – $5.00

Road Trip USA – $10 Copy Fee


Trail Guide to US Geography – $10.00 Copy Fee

Wild Life & Herbalism – $10.00 Copy Fee

Focus on Middleschool Geology – Rainbow Resource

Heroes of History (literature/history): FALL – George Washington; SPRING – Daniel Boone

High School:

Literature – Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and MacBeth by William Shakespear plus a $10.00 copy fee for workbook

Speech – $10.00 Copy Fee

Sign Language – No Fee

Wildcraft and Herbalism – $10.00 Copy Fee

Career Prep – $25.00 fee for copy and testing

ACT prep – $16.56 at The Real ACT, 3rd Edition (Real ACT Prep Guide)

Apologia Marine Biology – $50.99 at  but can be found used for less at Amazon.  There will also be a $15 lab fee for dissection specimen.

There will be a $10 fee for theater and possibly a script fee at later date.

Fees can be paid at Mandatory meeting or 1st day of Co-op classes